Spa City Blues Society Hump Night Blues Jam Etiquette

1. Arrive early. The jam kicks off a 8 p.m. The later you arrive, the less of a chance you will get to jam.

2. Sign Up. Please greet the volunteer working the door so that you may sign up to play. Write down your first and last name and the instrument you will be playing. Also, please be sure to write your name legibly to make it easier for the announcer to introduce you. If you are not signed up, you will not be called to jam on stage.

3. Be Prepared. Bring your own instrument; however drummers only have to bring their own drumsticks. Also, make it a top priority to tune up and be ready for when your name is called on stage. Spending several minutes tuning up on stage shows unprofessionalism and audiences tend to lose focus after so long.

4. Be courteous. While you may be a professional musician, please be courteous to other jammers. Resist the urge to fill every solo with your notes or riffs. Allow someone else to perform their solo. Watch for head nods, eye contact, or other motions from the other musicians during the performance.

5. Volume Control. Please remember that you are not playing an arena, you are playing a blues jam. Too loud and you will lose the audience, quickly. If we have to tell you to turn down, turn it down. If you increase the volume again, we will turn it down for you and the audience may not be able to hear you. Please be respectful.

6. Have Fun. It's a blues jam. Meet people, swap contacts, enjoy the night. You will never know where the contact will lead down the road.


If you have an act and want to participate in the jam, fill out this form to tell us about yourself.


Check our event calendar for jam dates.